The Firm’s Registered Representative Office in Mongolia

In March 2013, the Mongolian Government approved the Firm’s registration of a Mongolian “registered representative office.” That office is located in the Mongolian Ikh Khuree Monastery in a busy section of downtown Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city.  

Under its Charter, the Firm’s Registered Representative Office was formed to perform several functions, including the following:

  • Market the Firm’s business contract and business law advisory services rendered in the United States that could be provided to Mongolian businesses and business people desiring to contract with businesses in the U.S.;
  • Provide general information about U.S. law and when a U.S. law firm should be engaged in the context of an international business transaction;

  • Have a Mongolian liaison with potential Mongolian business clients who may engage the Firm’s services in the United States but desire a local, Mongolian-speaking contact to address any questions or misunderstandings about the Firm’s services or fees; 
  • Offer contact information for Mongolian businesses needing to understand U.S. laws; and

  • Provide an office for non-Mongolian clients to meet with Mongolian business persons and to refer U.S. business clients that might do business in Mongolia to Mongolian attorneys.
Additionally, the Firm may provide seminars and host discussions and meetings, as well as publish articles concerning business contracting involving U.S. businesses. The Firm’s Representative Office was not formed to practice trial advocacy in Mongolia or to give advice on Mongolian law to Mongolian businesses in Mongolia, and the Firm’s Representative Office does not intend to provide legal services in Mongolia for legal fees payable in Mongolia.    The Firm’s managing member, Dan Neelon, received his Certificate of Foreign Admitted Lawyer (number 20 in the country) in the spring of 2014.  The Firm is able to assist U.S. businesses seeking advice concerning how to navigate an investment venture in Mongolia or issues to consider when negotiating a contract with a Mongolian company, and to provide recommendations for the engagement of attorneys and other professionals in Mongolia.     

Mongolian business persons desiring to discuss the Firm’s potential performance of
legal services in the United States regarding international business contracts, investment contracts and joint ventures, or concerning doing business in the United States or with U.S. companies, may contact the Firm’s registered representative office manager, Tsogt Ariunaa, at 976-7000-0299 or 9995-7500.  Mongolian citizens residing in the United States and interested in contacting the Firm concerning potential legal services may call its Braintree, Massachusetts office at 781-570-8000 for communications in English or may contact Ms. Ariunaa in Ulaanbaatar at 976-7000-0299 or 976-9995-7500 for communications in Mongolian.

About Mongolia

Geographically, Mongolia is located between Russia and China and is one of the six largest countries in Asia.  Mongolia has been a constitutionally-established democratic republic since 1992, with legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.  Of Mongolia’s total population of approximately 2.8 million persons, about half, or 1.4 million people, live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where the Firm’s Representative Office is located. 

Recent New

Effective as of November 1, 2013, a new Mongolian Law on Investment became effective. This law eliminated obstacles to private foreign investment that had existed under previous law and seeks instead to encourage foreign investment. The investment law explicitly:
1. Permits investors to invest freely into Mongolian “sectors and production and services”;

2. Permits investments to be made in the form of: (a) establishing a new business entity solely or jointly with other investors; (b) purchasing shares, bonds, debentures and other types of securities; (c) merging or acquiring companies; (d) establishing a concession, production sharing, marketing, and management and other agreements; (e) financial leasing or franchise; and (f) any other forms not specifically prohibited by law;

3. Prohibits confiscation of an investor’s assets or investment and guarantees fair market compensation for any properties taken for the public interest;

4. Guarantees protection of intellectual properties owned by investors as specified in applicable laws; and

5. Guarantees investors the rights to transfer their profits, dividends, license fees, loan interest, and other lawfully obtained property out of Mongolia on condition of having paid their tax obligations.

This brief summary is not intended to constitute and may not be relied upon as legal advice to any reader with respect to   any particular investment or transaction, nor to be a complete summary of the Investment Law; rather, this summary is intended only to describe briefly some selected provisions of the Investment Law, which must be read in its entirety and together with other relevant laws to fully understand the legal regime governing any particular investment or transaction in Mongolia.  
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